Process Server Directories
United States Process Server Directories List and Ranking Based on Information Quality and Usefulness.
In this list of major United States process server directories we include brief descriptions of their services and an overall quality report. All major national process service directories have
been reviewed as of October 04, 2018. Process service directories with poorly performing web sites or limited information were not included in this list.  The listings below are in random
order, not in alphabetical order. If you disagree with any of the reviews here, please email us at  to let us  know why. We will consider all your feedback in
order to make better reviews..
state process service organization official logo
This is a statewide free directory focused only on New York City and  New York State
process servers. The main advantage of this directory is that it  does not charge
process servers to get listed and it will freely remove process servers if the editors
find out that they do not have proper credentials or if users complain of their
unprofessional performance.
This US process server directory has listings for most states but it appears to only list affiliated
process servers. No listings were found for certain major metropolitan areas such as Queens,
NY; Brooklyn, NY and Long Island, NY. When we asked for a NYC process server it referred us to
two CT and NJ process servers but only gave us one listing for a NYC process server.
Another great example of a process server directory which links to itself and does
not provide information about process servers (addresses, telephone numbers,
etc). Unless you contact Kellerman Investigations directly you will only be
continuously referred to the same look-alike pages over and over telling you that they
can get you a CA process server or a NY process server or a FL process server and
so and so, but their web pages actually don't . If you are looking for information
without a middle man, this is not the right choice.
Manta is a Small Business Directory which does not focus on process servers only but it does
have a relatively big database with enough process servers listed to be regarded as a United
States process server directory. Manta is a commercial business directory which has a large
database of United States business listings. Said listings tend to be fact based and reliable.
This is the most comprehensive process server directory for United States, if you
can afford it. It's free for the public but its process servers are paying to get listed in
it. It has one of  the biggest databases of  process servers  with more than 40,000
entries. It is Google's preferred directory because for some
unknown reason,
Google tends to list it on the first page of its search results. Is this the best process
server directory? Definitely no. So here is another case where Google got it
wrong...Unless this is one of Google's secret partner web sites.
This is a nationwide process server directory which lists affiliate process servers in United States.
One outstanding thing about this directory is that they have an entry asking users not to use certain
process servers. For instance, they recommend against using Elite Process Servers, Inc. I wonder
if Elite Process Servers, Inc has considered suing them for defamation, although Elite's reputation
among process servers continues going down. This process server directory has very little useful
information but a lot of repeated pages with "general" information which does not relate to finding
an actual process server.
One of the oldest directories, YP  stills lists outstanding business but it has fallen far
behind most web based directories which were created in the 90's and after 2000.
YP is the historic thick book transferred into digital. Unfortunately, YP still charges for
listing process servers and other professionals; therefore its scope is mostly limited
to those who can will pay to get listed.
The National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) lists its member process
servers in its process service directory. Although it is an accurate directory, the NAPPS directory
excludes legitimate licensed professional process servers who did not pay its membership fees.
In order word, you as a process server. will not get listed unless you pay for your listing.
This is a free process server directory without commercial attachments which
provides process server contact telephone numbers, mailing addresses, email
addresses and web sites without charging process servers and its users. The fact
that this is a free for all process server directory makes it more informative.
    Serve America is a young process server directory established about  three years ago. Its
    database is not as large as most commercial directories focused on United States. One of its
    main problems is that the web site used in this directory is not effective causing this directory to
    fail to display important metro areas.
This commercial process server directory lists affiliated process servers all
associated to, which is a process serving company based in
Florida. It looks like the designer of this site prepared it in a rush because potentially
dozens of pages carry the same typos:"Notorize Returns". Their repeated templates
provide little or no information about process servers obviously because they are the
middleman who needs to be contacted before you actually get a process server.
Although this Thomson Reuters-owned web site has a very professional look and design, its
process server directory is very limited and restricted to those process servers who paid to get
listed. Consequently this process server directory does not even have any listings at all for Texas
process servers, North Dakota process servers, Montana process servers and other important
process servers in United States. Look like there are not many takers regarding their $45.00-
per-month fee they charge process servers to get them listed. Although this website deserves five
stars for its looks, it deserves two stars for its usefulness and content. Don't waste your time
visiting it, unless you want to get frustrated with repeatedly listings and not finding your state
process servers.
Another sponsored web site which lists more than 1500 process
servers nationwide. Most of its main resources will refer you to and to
"Subpoena Man" an animated process server superhero who serves process by
using deceit (He dresses as a sexy woman in order to lure a defendant who has
previously refused to open the door of his home to accept process). Naturally to
those who did not know using deceit to serve legal papers is illegal and
unacceptable in the eyes of the court.  You only see deceiving process servers in
film and on T.V. provides a broad directory of process servers and other service providers. You may
even find hotels by going to this general directory which does not just focus on process servers
and attorneys. However the number of process servers listed in this directory make it look
professional and useful. We recommend this process server directory.
.Mark N. Goodman, an attorney, is the main legal professional behind this website
which offers many legal resources: people locate, private investigators and Arizona
process servers. So if you need an AZ process server you will find him in this
resourcefull attorney web site.
Although the name conveys prestige and high reputation, their process server
directory leaves a lot to be desired. They do not even have listings for Montana, Missouri and
Nevada. Why? Because as of November 22, 2013, they have not found takers (process servers
willing to pay them in order to get listed). Therefore this process serving directory remains
incomplete and deserves a two-star ranking. is  private investigator and process server directory but they are still
behind for important markets such as New York for which they do not have any
process servers listed.
This process server directory is a partner of and it has about the same process
server database you will find by going to However the index page of this web site
is more specific and more informative. I would say that they have a better user interface with the
same database of process servers. Naturally there is the same pay to play scheme: all process
servers in this directory paid for inclusion.
Lawdex is a good process server directory with a comprehensive list of United
States process servers and other attorney support services providers.
This is a nationwide process directory which includes all the states in United States. It appears
that it is not reviewed ofter because it has too many duplicate listings, perhaps created by a
software bug.
This used to be an outstanding process server directory but its current focus is
listing attorneys and paralegals. It is still a great website but it is no longer a good
source for USA process servers listings  information. .
.JPL Process is the owner and manager of www.processservenow which has a list of states in
United States where it allegedly provides process servers. Unfortunately as of March 2014, most
of the links to those states do not work because they will land you in a 404 Not Found page. It
looks like LoyalDog Process Server Software which powers this website has a lot to improve.
Based on the above this directory deserves only one star. It's a time waster!!! Surprisingly its
PayPal interface does work.
Although this Thomson Reuters' Internet property is an outstanding legal resource
for attorneys and the general public, it lacks a powerful database of process servers.
Here is another reason why one of the "50 Coolest Websites" does not cut it as a
good process server directory: it's just a pay- to-get-listed site. It also appears that
they need some updating. As of March 2014, its time stamp still reads "2013". Wake
up people!.
The National Process Server Association does not even deserve one star as of March 2014
because its search interfaces do not work. If you hit the map, zip code locate or State locate you
will get an error message "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error 80004005". Let's
hope they fix their bug so they can get a better rating. A non-working site, even if it belongs to a
process server association deserves the lowest rating.
Do you a need a New York City process server? Here you will find lists of process
servers serving Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. And the best
is that the process servers listed are not included in this New York directory
because they paid to get listed but because they were identified are process servers
for New York City. If you need a New York State process server directory, we
recommend or for
more comprehensive databases.
The Florida Process Server Association is a remarkable directory of Florida process servers, even
if the members listed are only association member and all other Florida process servers are
excluded. A charter state of the all mighty National Process Server Association, this process server
directory seems to be managed by true professionals who have used Database Services, Inc as
their software provider. Good job!!!. Eh...Please update. It's March 17, 2014 but you still have
events listed for March 7-9 which have already passed
This is private process server and private investigator directory which has a limited
listing of process server although it claims to be a "worldwide directory of legal
support professionals" since 1996. I wonder why they do not update their time
stamp which reads "1996-2012". Did they last update their site in 2012? They also
claim to be partners of Kelmar Worldwide Investigators and the National Association
of Process Servers but when we checked those websites to confirm said
partnership we did not find any information or link to is a national "yellow pages" directory which focuses on all types of businesses.
They offer free listings and that is why they have a very big database which includes process
servers from every city and every state. Perhaps if all directories followed's
strategy (offering free listings), they would improve information for the general public. Still is not perfect because it has too much of everything and it does not focus on
process servers only.
How localized can you be? Need a process server in United States? Need a
process server in New York State? Need a process server in New York City? Need a
process server in Brooklyn, NY? Then is your answer.
They will provide a very long list of Brooklyn process servers. Great for Brooklyn, NY
process servers. is one of the newest process server directories in United States.
According to their main page,  this "is the latest and most sufficient process server directory online
today.  As a process server directory, it is our job to make finding a process server both easy and
convenient.  Our site allows visitors to search for process servers throughout the country and all
50 states".  We don't subscribe to their point of view because we asked for a New York, NY
process server but their system displayed a process server about 13 miles away from New York,
NY. When we asked for a Brooklyn process server it displayed a Staten Island process server,
probably a sponsored listing.
Findmylegal is a legal directory which lists a limited amount of process servers but
does not focus on process service businesses only. Its main objective is to cover all
legal professionals, including private investigators, process server and attorneys.
Good luck with that! is a new process server directory with a great look. Its database is still
being completed. Simple searches such as "Brooklyn process servers" yielded the message:
"Too few or no listings in your city, click here to view Process Servers nearby Brooklyn, NY". This
response simply means that if this directory cannot provide a process server listing for a
two-million resident location such as Brooklyn, NY then a lot still needs to be done in order to
make this directory relevant.
Process Server America
To all process servers:

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