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The State Process Service Organization and Process Server America:  
Nationwide Process Server Directory

We are a human edited, noncommercial legal process server directory which  lists  
major United States process servers and process service agencies. We  list state
process servers, city process servers and county process servers based on service
criteria and credentials. All listings are free. There is no commercial interest behind
any of the listings in this directory. The ideal directory should be informational only
and that is what we strive for: providing information, without ads.

In this directory you will  find process servers who usually market their legal service
through law.com, serve-now.com, findlaw.com,  yellowpages.com, superpages.com,  
processservicedirectory.com and other fee based, commercial directories but you will
also find process servers who should be listed in said directories but did not get
included. Indeed , we intend to keep this directory as an ad-free process service
directory (without commercial interests influencing who we list), thus we will provide
the most reliable process serving listings and information to the public.

Our most ambitious objective is to create a web site focused only on providing
information about American process servers without depending on commercial
alliances with those nationwide process servers listed. You can help us by reviewing
our listings for potential errors, recommending process servers, reporting your
experience with a particular process server and notifying us about directory typos.

If you have questions about our legal process service directory or if you wish to be
considered for this process server directory, please contact us by sending an email
to State Process Service Editors at

A Free Process Server Directory for the Public and Legal Providers.

This national process server directory ,compiled and reviewed by human editors,
lists process servers and constables serving process in United States by state,
county and city. Also included are most independent registered individual private
process servers and nationwide licensed process service agencies.

We do not charge any fees per listing because our goal is to deliver accurate
information. To search for US process servers, just click on the corresponding  
state or city.
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     Top Ten Reasons Why Most People Avoid Process Servers

    1.  I am afraid of the process server because he is bringing me bad news: a summons,
        complaint, court order, foreclosure or eviction papers.

    2.  I will not give my spouse a divorce. If I accept the divorce papers, I will have to suffer         
        the consequences of assets redistribution, child support, new last name and separation
         from my kids.

    3.  I do not want to pay for child support or fight for child custody or visitation in
          Family Court.

    4.  I am behind with my mortgage payments. The process server must be bringing me a
         foreclosure notice.

    5.  I did not pay the rent. The process server is trying to serve me with a demand for

    6.  I am behind with my credit card payments. The process server is trying to serve me a
         debt collection notice.

    7.  I will not testify in this matter even if I am not a party to this action. I will avoid the
         subpoena being served by hiding from the process server.

    8.  I will not let them take away my wages because of outstanding child support. I will
         pretend that I am not here when the process server knocks.

    9.  I beat her up and abused her but I will not go to Family Court to answer her complaint
         about domestic violence. Indeed I will let go of the dogs in the front yard so when the
         process server comes to serve me with the order of protection he will have to run away.

    10.  I am a public officer, a public figure, an attorney, police officer, a high ranking member
             of a religious group or a public employee. It is not right that I get served with a court order
           because it is demeaning. Accepting a summons would belittle me. After all, I am the law.
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To all process servers:

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notice errors, notify us promptly by email. When submitting corrections or removal requests, please specify the State, City and County page where your listing

To the general public:

The data presented on this web site may not reflect the most recent updates to our records and is not guaranteed to be accurate as of today's date. It is intended
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We do not endorse service providers. This process server directory is a free service for process servers and for the general public.

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